Here are some of my designs, illustrations and color studies for illustrations.

This shirt was designed by me for a fashion design contest for Kaotiko, where I ended up in the third place. The topic was «Japanese culture». And so I got some references from Reika Iwami, Tadanori Yokoo, Ikko Tanaka, and Kiyoshi Awazu.

This was my very first environmental digital illustration. I didn’t know how to apply perspectives properly but it makes it look original and different from other drawings.

This is a fish-eye-perspective illustration made in Procreate. 

These are drawings and color studies that were made with Photoshop.

All of the drawings are either a mix of different people, their clothing, their poses, or «fanart» of a public figure.

I also like to work with pixel art, either for a videogame or for an illustration.